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I know this is only partially related to Outlook, but anyway... Is it OK to install Office 2013 64-bit on a (Win 7 64-bit) computer currently running Office 2010 32-bit? I.e. does the process automatically remove 2010 and migrate Outlook (and other) settings to the new, 64-bit version?
AFAIK, it won't install as a second version of Office. I'm not sure if it will offer to uninstall the older version or tell you you can't install 64bit with 32 bit already installed.

Outlook settings will migrate to 2013 - they are stored in the registry and are not removed when you uninstall office. It doesn't matter if you have 32 or 64 bit - you won't lose your profile.

You can install 32 bit office 2013 and as long as it's one of the Click to run builds, you can have both outlook 2010 and 2013 installed (but can only open one at a time).
Is there any advantage with using a 64-bit version of office instead of a 32-bit one just yet? In case I don't really need those gigantic Excel spreadsheets, that is...
The only advantage is if you use very large excel workbooks or Access databases - it supports files larger than 2 GB. A lot of people think it's faster, but the 32bit is actually faster (but most people wouldn't notice as they have overpowered computers for what they do.)
The pst files format is different than excel and Access formats. :) The new pst size was introduced in outlook 2003, before 64bit office.

No, you can't reduce the space any appreciable amount. Touch mode (if you have a bar on the right of the reading pane when in the inbox, you are using touch mode) adds more space between folders and buttons.

You can adjust the font to change it a little, but using it to shrink the spacing will probably make it hard to read. See
Is there any other mode in addition to touch mode, which doesn't use that extra space? I use a plain Windows 7 laptop with a mouse, no touch screen. By the bar on the right, do you mean the usual scrollbar for currently selected message, or an extra white bar/border before the Outlook's window border begins? To-Do bar is off, though.

I like how they compressed display of folders in Move Items dialog box. If they at least offer an option to have something like that in the folder pane, it would be even better than 2010.
Thank you. I tried the Touch/Mouse Mode switcher. I guess I already had Mouse Mode by default. Touch Mode was literally beyond redemption. :) Oh well.

I suppose there's also no way to remove or resize the Quick Flag / Quick Delete column (which is something I wanted to do earlier today)?
Customize the ribbon and you can move or remove it, but not resize it. right click on the ribbon and choose customize, then select the parts you want to remove and click Remove, or drag up and down to reposition.
I meant this column (see screenshot)... Unlike other columns, it seems hard-coded there, no way to remove it or resize it.

Speaking of wasting space: Until Outlook 2010, my Tasks folder default view was configured so that it would display the first few lines of a task content (if any text was present there). After upgrading to 2013, it would only display task list (preserving other customizations, though), without the content. If I click "Message Preview" button on the ribbon, and choose "3 lines", it changes pretty much into what I had in 2010. However, it also adds the dreaded useless extra space around the tasks that don't have additional text content. Is there any other way to accomplish this (i.e. displaying N lines of preview under tasks that have the additional content, but NOT extending the others with useless space around them)?
Oh. That column. :) No, the flag column can't be moved or resized. In older versions, moving it turned it into a "normal" flag field, not the quick flag field, but you can't move it at all in Outlook 2013.

On the 3 line view: no, you can't change the behavior. It's all or nothing for all tasks. I know a lot of people are annoyed that you can't set it to preview only unread messages - I'll add this to the list.
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