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Based on reading some other forum posts and hints, I thought I'd found the answer to my challenge, but now I'm not so sure. I'm using my account as an "aggregator" -- it receives most of my emails directly, but also some forwarded emails from other addresses, such as my gmail account. Everything arrives in my inbox, and appears correctly in Outlook desktop. So far, so good. I've also defined some "send only" POP3 accounts to permit emails sent to these addresses to be replied to with the correct return address. This works fine, too, and in the send/receive group definition, they're set up as send only.

However, the sent emails that go through these accounts are of course stored in the local PST sent folder, not in the sent folder. And you cannot use a rule to move them to the EAS folders. So, I also defined my as an IMAP account, and set up rules to move items sent through these "send only" accounts into the IMAP sent items folder. This seems to work, too, but the items do not seem to sync with the actual EAS folder, i.e. they show in the IMAP hierarchy, but not in the EAS sent folder.

Is this a do-able approach? Should the IMAP sent folder eventually sync with the EAS sent folder? Is there another way to do what I'm trying to accomplish?

I'm using Outlook 2016 preview, 64-bit, on a Windows 8.1 machine. Interestingly, on another point, calendar syncing seems to be working fine. I saw several threads about problems in this area. Maybe they've been fixed in the preview.

Thanks -- Pauline
Nothing shown in the sync issues folder. Sent items is not empty, the "unsynced" item shows up along with several others in the IMAP sent folder, but is just missing from the EAS version of sent.

In an arrangement like this, how should I set up the send/receive settings? I don't really want to receive any of the mail directed to the inbox in the IMAP version, and I've tried to remove inbox from subscribed folders. But everything shows up anyway.

I'm going to try deleting the IMAP version of the account and then adding it back. Meanwhile, would be grateful for your thoughts!

Don't remove the imap account without first exporting the sent items (or just the missing sent items - you'll lose them forever if you do!
Well, no difference with deleting and recreating the IMAP account -- still doesn't sync a message copied into the sent folder with the EAS version of the account. I'm just using test messages at this point, so nothing lost when deleting.

Any other thoughts?

OK, mystery solved! It does work, but with the following limitation: the EAS sent folder isn't synced with the IMAP sent folder until I send something through the EAS account! So I guess it's doing what I want after all. I guess I need to send things more often!

Thanks for your help. Pauline
I spoke too soon. Another test didn't work -- item remains in IMAP sent folder but not showing up in EAS sent folder. Should I give up? Is there another way to make this happen? An email address is fine for aggregating incoming mail, but it seems impossible to aggregate outgoing mail that goes through "send only" accounts. I just don't want my sent items to reside only on the computer that I was using to send them -- I want them in the cloud, so to speak.

I'll try to repro - it should work. FWIW, they will eventually (sometimes this year) be moving the accounts to office 365 exchange - where it will work much better.
Thanks, Diane. With further experimentation, I've determined that "manually" moving sent items from the POP sent folder to the IMAP sent folder via drag-and-drop seems to work fine. Items moved in this way will sync with the EAS sent folder. Using rules to supposedly accomplish the same thing does not seem to work -- the items stay in the IMAP sent folder and are never synced to the EAS folder. I can live with this workaround, but it's too bad that the automated way doesn't work.

Good to hear that accounts will be moved sometime. Would that affect a situation like this?

Thanks -- Pauline
I wonder if an item add macro will work... I'll test it.

Mo9ving to Exchange will solve almost every complaint I've seen about syncing to Outlook. Mail you move into the Exchange folder will sync up, so you wouldn't need the imap account to handle imports.
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