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I recently installed SP3, and my outlook 2007 went crazy. The first problem I encountered was when I pressed Send/Receive it would state i did not have permission to perform the action. I read different websites and I ended up making a new profile, it did solve the problem. I transferred my old emails, contacts, and other items into my outlook. It was all going well until I attempted to use the Quick Search to find an email. It states it can not search all items because items are being itemaized. I have read the posts already on this forum but im still having trouble.


I went to this link and I tried marking my data files for indexing but it does not allow me. It says "A problem was encountered while trying to change which data files to index. Some of those changes may not been saved."

I tried creating a new profile again but it immediatly says the same thing when i try to search and go to search options. Even when the profile is new and there are ZERO items being itemized.

I ran the scanpst and it did find it in need of repairs. It ran its repairs and still nothing.

I tried Rebuilding the index as shown on the link but it does not allow me to select rebuild and i tried to add a location under "Index Location" and it does not let me click anything.

I dont know what to do. :(
If you think its the result of installing SP3, how long ago did you install SP3? If recent, you might be able to use system restore to recover.

It can take a while to complete indexing, especially if the data file is large, so that alone is not a problem.

Have you rebooted at least once (after the initial reboot) since installing SP3?
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