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I am having problems trying to get the new Quick Steps to work in Outlook 2010. I am unable to get it to recognize e-mail addresses. When I try and set-up a " quick step" - for example like " To Manager" and I type in the e-mail address, hit " save" , nothing happens the screen doesn't change and no error message appears telling you what is wrong - you are forced to either " x" out or hit " cancel" and of course my changes are not saved. Other Quick Steps save fine (e.g. flagging) and I can save an e-mail one as long as there are no addresses in the " To" area - but it will save text and subject. Any ideas?
If you type the address in the TO field are you clicking the " Check Names" box on the right-end to force it to validate/resolve the address first?

Yes I have clicked the " Check Names" box - and it appears to validate the address o.k.
I'm not sure what you mean by " type" of e-mail - it's my work e-mail. When I click the To button I get a " Address Book: Global Address List" - it was empty so I tried adding names to it to see if that would help, but it didn't help.
I assume the Global Address List of your company should not be empty or is it (contact your mail admin if you do not know).

In that case it would appear that your Offline Address Book (OAB) is damaged or even your mail profile.

To force a reset on your OAB, delete all the oab-files when Outlook is closed from;

C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Local Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\Offline Address Books\<subfolder>

When you know start Outlook, it should redownload a fresh copy of the OAB again. Once done, try to create the Quick Step again.

If that doesn't work, try it with a new mail profile.

Robert Sparnaaij

I don't have an Offline Address Book. I do have more information from further testing. It appears that some e-mail addresses are working. The addresses that are not working are those that when I click the " check address" button the address changes to the name e.g. I type andMickey Mouse comes up when I click the " Check Address" button - I thought that it was just recognizing the address as belonging to the person. The addresses that I'm able to save stay as the e-mail address. Any ideas?
what does your dialog look like?

This is the one for the bug => you will have this one with a pop account, possibly imap. (i only repro'd it with pop) when you add these addresses to the address list, you can't close the dialog. If you have an address shows in this address book (its windows address book) and type an address then try to resolve, it will change to the name shown in the address book.

this is the correct dialog=>

Workaround - remove addresses from the windows address book (yeah, not always a good idea) then type the address in the To field. You can remove the address from the windows contact and paste it in the notes field of the contact until the outlook team fixes the problem.

My dialog is like the bug - however, I don't have any addresses in there.
I got this to work. The problem seems to be the Global Address book, which you can't modify.

Close Outlook remove your ethernet cable or turn off your wifi. Open outlook and create your quick step. Add the emails addresses by typing or copying and pasting them. click save and plug the ethernet cable back in or turn wifi back on.
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