Transferring Office 2002 (XP) PST into Win7 (64) Office 2010

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What is the simplest way? I copied the 2002 PST into Outlook 2010.. All is well except when I go to create new email and select the ‘To’ button - my contacts are not there… I can select the imputed Contact list from the ‘Show Names from’ but that is a hassle… I have read some on the net about converting the PST but different suggestions conflict with each other and some want over $100 for their program to do it… Help please.

(Thank you ahead of time for your help!)

Diane Poremsky

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No need to pay for a fix. You can import it into the new data file Outlook 2010 created.

Or find the contacts folder in the old pst and right click on it, choose Properties and then Outlook Address book - is it enabled?

See convert ansi to unicode for methods to convert to Unicode.
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