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Hi, I'm new here, and although I've been using Outlook (no exchange) for a few years, I've never explored it's Calendar/Task or Contact features.

So I finally decided to use Outlook as a full-fledged PIM and I'm having some difficulty getting the tasks to work for me.

When I click to create a new task I see that a task can have a start date and a due date. The problem is that I only want to use the start date, and have no due date associated with the task.

Here's the problem:

When I select my start date and then go to the due date, and click on "none", the start date is also erased and says none. I've tried playing with flags, and categories, and can't seem to create a task with a start date, but no due date. The weird thing is that I have some older tasks that were synchronized with my old PIM to Outlook and they have start dates but no due dates in Outlook.

What am I doing wrong?

Sorry, you can't create a task with a Start date but not a due date. Not even using VBA.

I use the Due Date (it's the date I'm due to start the task) and leave it overdue until completed.

Outlook won't touch imported items until you edit them, so if the old PIM supported no due date, Outlook will keep that value.
I guess I could also just extend the due date out several months or a year so that the font doesn't change in the ToDo Bar when it becomes due.

Thanks Diane.
As long as you aren't doing it to set a reminder, you could use conditional formatting to highlight what is upcoming.

I deselected the default overdue rule and made a new Overdue filter that highlighted things due more than 3 months ago in red. Things due between now and 3 month from now are blue.


(not sure why I thought reminders should come into play - you can set any reminder you want, regardless of the start or due date.)
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