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I've noticed some talk that there are some changes in the way you are supposed to sync iPhone 5 contacts and calendar with Outlook, but my searches have come up with confusing answers. Do you have any info on this issue? Thanks
I refuse to install iTunes and just install iCloud... so i have not confirmed this - but someone told me that the latest iTunes does not sync with Outlook. If you want to sync you need to use iCloud. They told me this in the last week or two and I haven't had time to look into it...

In my opinion, iCloud is better, at least once you understand how it works. A lot of users don't like that it moves the calendar and contacts to the iCloud folders - now that iCloud 2 can be set as default (as long as you don't use imap accounts), that's not as big of a problem. Most of the problems on my iCloud pages are as much "user error" (or misunderstanding) as they are iCloud problems. Yeah, it could do things better, but it's darn good for v2 and is evolving.
I'm not understanding. When you say iCloud 2 can set as default, what are you referring to? And when you say it moves the calendar and contacts to the iCloud folders - can you explain that? As far as the latest iTunes, my wife is using it successfully (I think) to sync with Outlook. I upgraded iTunes for her a few weeks ago, haven't had any complaints from her. I will check it when I am in front of her computer again.
It can be set as the default data file in Outlook's File, Account Settings, Data file.

When you install iCloud, it sucks the calendar and contacts from the outlook folders into the iCloud folders. They are still accessible in outlook, but not where everyone expects to find them. This bothers some people.

If iTunes is still syncing for her then the person who told me was wrong - or it works for upgrades but not new installs.
Are you saying I have to install a program called "iCloud" onto my PC? I am on a corporate system and I'm pretty sure I can't install anything. Or do I create a folder called "iCloud"? I'm coming here from three decades using Apple computers, so you may need to go a little slower than usual.



It can be set as the default data file in Outlook's File, Account Settings, Data file.

When you install iCloud, it sucks the calendar and contacts from the outlook folders...
No, you don't have to... but if Apple changes iTunes so it can't sync with Outlook, you'd need ot use either iCloud or accounts, or Exchange server with ActiveSync enabled.
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