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hi there, just a little stumped on this unusual problem. a customer has created calendar and contacts in a folder in the inbox of outlook 2010; I want to put them back in the right place in the new install of outlook 2013. do I just export the folder and import back to calendar and contacts (people)? or is there a better approach? the account is a gmail imap
You can either import and drag and drop to the main level.

Because you use imap and outlook 2013 changed how the special folders *calendar etc) are handled, with them in the imap folders, I would create the profile using the control panel applet, add a pst to the profile and set it as default before opening Outlook. Use it for calendar and contacts and the imap folder for mail only.

What you need to know about IMAP accounts in Outlook 2013 - Slipstick Systems
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