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As to Outlook 2007, when I created a new form of the contact, the background color is not the backround color of the outlook contact form.

When I redesign the form, I right click the form, go to Advanced Properties, and the top line is "BackColor". I click on it and it shows up Basic Colors and Define Custom Colors, and when I click on Define Custom Colors, it shows the 6 areas with numbers. So what numbers do I fill in each area to match the nice blue color of the outlook 2007 contact default form?

Thanks very much as usual!!
I think those numbers our in the order of the, green, blue....and when I do it in that order, it shows up on the blue side that makes sense, but when I save it, and publish the form etc, it does not keep the new color.

How do we make sure it saves the new background color please?
And is shows a numbering in the value area with the word "Unknown"
did I mix the letters up? Sorry about that. (I used the 'eyedropper' in SnagIt to get the values.)

Not sure why it's not sticking for you - it is here. The labels are gray but the bg is blue.

The color name comes up as unknown because its not a named color. Actually, I don't think outlook knows color names - it always uses unknown.
So the color shows up when i put in the numbers but won't stay at that color when I publish. What to fix please?
I have no idea - I've never seen it do that before. Are you sure you are opening the correct form? Did you publish it using the same name as a previous form?
I design a form i pick and publish it to the same form
Try using a new name and see if the color sticks.
That does not work either.

Now also, to try in another way, I do the numbers, I publish it, and then I save it and it saves as a contact.

So I open up the contact from it, and before the contact opens re that form, there is the words that show up saying:

"To help prevent malicious codes from running, one or more objects in the form were not loaded."

So if that's the problem, how do we make sure all objects are loaded and are the objects the new colors?
Do you have code in the form? What fields did you add to it?
I don't understand the question do I have a code in the form. There are 18 addtional fields in the contact form, inlcuding combobox's and text fields
Outlook doesn't like the something. Has it always done this or is this error new since you tried changing the color?

The fields by themselves shouldn't cause this error. What VBA code is in the form?
The error is new re the changing color. I never have got that error in the past in redesigning my form for contacts.
And secondly, where do I see the VBA code of the form? Under the Visual Basic area, there are all the Modules and UserForms you showed me how to create re those earlier macros. So where do I see a VBA code of the form please?
This is a real contact card, not a userform? In forms Designer, click View Code button. since you had to ask about it, I'm assuming you don't have any code. I'll see if I can repro what you did.
This is the form that I designed to use for my contacts as I added all those fields etc. And I all folders of contacts, this the form that opens up when I create a new contacts etc.

And when designing it under Designer, there is no View Code buttton.

So, is there a way to fix this maybe?
Adding a color should not cause this error. Can you send me the form as a template - save it as an oft then either post it here as an attachment or email it to me.
I replied to the email I get from you describing your replies. Did you get it back from me please?
I did. I get the error when I open it as a template but its working fine published. It looks like the business card and image controls aren't loading. screenshot: 05.24.2013-17.54.40 - dicot's library

I'll check it in 2007 later tonight.
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