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Our BCM very often crashes when scrolling through contacts with the mousewheel.

Using the scroll bar on the right does not cause crashes.

Does anyone had/ has the same problems on BCM/ Outlook 2013 and knows how to fix it?

Could a reason be corrupt contact data? I know our back office did paste files into the memo fields in the past before starting with BCM. I got rid of some of thoose contacts just with the help of a sync tool which synchronises the BCM database with the "my contacts" folder, cause nor i could open thosse contacts either delete them in BCM contacts (crash of Outlook). So had to delete the contact in the my contact folder in Outlook and then synchronise to delete it.


One of my customers is also suffering this issue.

Hopefully someone will get back to us with the solution.
i got rid of about 20 of my damaged (business) contacts and the number of crashes reduced a bit. I gave our back office the task to open every business contact and document the damaged ones (outlook crashes when opening the contact). Perhaps in about two months we are ready and all contacts are well. If someones got a good idea to identify corrupt contacts with vba... A way could be to loop through all contacts, then open and close them automatically and document the steps into a .txt-file.


The 20 damaged contacts were manually created or automatically imported?

If you manage to find a quick way to check all contacts please share it.

Manually opening the contacts one by one implies a huge effort and a respectable amount of time needs to be allocated.


We imported the contacts automatically from our exchange public contacts folder and we have about 3.000 business contacts and about 350 accounts.

Implementing a vba script to loop through contacts is no problem. The Probelem I have is that I don't know the bcm object library and so cannot access the "busines contact objects".

If someone has a hint how the object is called...
Judging from your discussion am I right in assuming that scrolling accesses a corrupt contact which then causes the crash?
is there an easy or automated way of Identifying corrupted BCM contacts?
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