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Exchange 2013 (on premises), Outlook 2016.
We have implemented personal tags so users can archive their messages to their online archive mailbox.
We configured a GPO so that they cannot user .pst as an archiving solution.

Unfortunately, these personal tags do not apply to calendar folders.

If I create a default policy, it will apply to all folders, which I do not want (I'm afraid of asking users to apply a "Do not archive this folder" policy to their folders so they are not impacted by this default policy.

If I create a tag to be applied to a default folder and select the Calendar folder, then I do not have any other choice than Delete and Allow Recovery or Permanently Delete - no option to Move to Archive, which is needed....

Should I use the New-RetentionPolicyTag and create sthg like : New-RetentionPolicyTag "Calendar 6 months Policy" -Type CalendarItems -RetentionEnabled $true -AgeLimitForRetention 183 -RetentionAction MoveToArchive ?

But in this case, it will apply to all calendar items, not only the default calendar folder ? Some users have created other calendars in their mailbox...

And then, if I want only some users to have this archiving policy, should I create a new MRM policy, which include the settings of the Default MRM one + the new calendar tag, and assign it these specific users ?

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Diane Poremsky

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You need to add the tag and apply it to the calendar - if you only want it applied to some people, you'll need to create a new MRM policy to apply to their mailbox instead of default.

The tags will apply only to the default folder automatically. So it wont apply to calendar the user creates - they need to apply a personal folder policy.
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