Gmail IMAP list is incomplete

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Outlook version
Outlook 2013 32 bit
Email Account
My sent items are stored in gmail and accessible through the web interface but do not sync back to my Outlook Sent Items folder. What's really odd about this is that when I query my IMAP folders from Outlook, there is no "Sent Items" folder listed, but Outlook does show a "Sent Items" folder in its own folder list and it is NOT labelled "(This computer only)". In gmail, the "sent mail" label is set to show as an IMAP folder.

I tried unchecking the "Do not save copies of sent items" in Outlook. Now new emails I send show up in the Sent Items folder in both Outlook and gmail, but not on my tablet running Outlook 2013 that also uses IMAP to connect to the same account.
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