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I've been tasked with removing the send button from the default outlook form. I think it's called IPM.note. I ended up having to create a custom form and use some vbscript to get it have some semblance of normal functionality. We have a custom send button that ties into the item_send event in a non-transparent way so I'm unable to rely on that as a solution.

The first issue was when hitting reply the Body field doesn't automatically have input focus. I found a solution in vbscript which i'm going to share below because it took hours to figure out in and I couldn't find a solution on google. May it save future posters some time.

Sub Item_Open()
strPos = instr(strSubject,":")
strParse=left(strSubject, strPos)
if inStr(strParse,"RE:")then
Set objPage = Item.GetInspector.ModifiedFormPages("Message")
Set txtField = objPage.Controls("Message")


As for my question i've noticed once you create a custom form you no longer have the option of adding "FROM" and "BCC" Fields in the ribbon. I added a BCC field to my form but i'm having issues with the From field. I want that.. when the user hits reply or new message the from field populates with the default account or email address.

I've Tried:

Set objPage2 = Item.GetInspector.ModifiedFormPages("Message")
Set txtField2 = objPage2.Controls("From")
but this apparently isn't a supported action. At this point i'm kinda dead in the water. I'm normally an app developer so i'm 90% sure i'm doing this the wrong way or using the wrong tech. Any guidance would be very appreciated
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