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I recently migrated from a pop account to an exchange account. I've decided to leave the rest of the company on the pop account (everyone is using OL2007). The problem is, when I assign a task from my exchange to a pop account, the assign and decline buttons are missing on receiving end of OL.

There seems to be an issue with my godaddy hosted exchange 2010 communicating with my godaddy pop account.

When a task is assigned from OL via the exchange server, it arrives at the pop account missing what I think are the required attachments. The only attachment is a .eml. I think there should be a .dat, (2) .rtf's, and (1) "untitled attachment".

I can see the task in the OWA (exchange) sent items folder. It looks normal. So it looks like it's leaving OL then exchange okay but something must happen when the pop account receives it.

I found this thread </SPAN>while searching for possible work arounds. But it didn't specify the solution, it just identifies the problem. I've also changed OL on all sides to send messages using RTF in the options and contact menu. I've tried sending from the contact list vs. sending from the auto fill. Finally, I disabled Norton Antivirus. Nothing works.

If the answer is that this will not work, please reply to this post and I will cancel my exchange account. It worked perfectly while we were all on the pop account.

Thanks in advance.</SPAN>
Thanks Diane. I've checked those settings again and they are as specified in the link you included in your post.
The only thing i can think is that godaddy has the server configured to not send RTF to the interent - and yes, your other godaddy address is on the internet side.

To test, try sending RTF message - make sure outlook is set to always use RTF then send a message with wild formatting to your godaddy address. if its converted to html, they are blocking RTF to the internet.
Yes that seems to be the case. GoDaddy tech support gets pretty upset when I ask that same question, "Are you blocking rtf?" so I figure their probably guilty. It's not a big deal I just wish they'd confirm it instead of giving me the run around.

We've also had issues with customers receiving our invoices and estimates. About 10% say they're coming through as .dat files instead of pdf's. We didn't have these issues until we switched over to their exchange server.

In light of these issues and without work arounds, we're now forced to switch back to a pop account. Unfortunately, now I can't find a way to sync my OL tasks with my Windows Phone 7.5 (mango).

These days it seems as though you have to be "all in" Windows, Apple, or Android. They've made virtually impossible for simple things like task sync unless you're using those manufacturers' supported IP's, phones, AND computers. I think it makes owning a small business much more difficult than it needs to be. They're all becoming more of a hinderence than a help. My 2 cents.
In GoDaddy's defense, blocking RTF to addresses outside of Exchange is a generally accepted smart move. They (or you) might be able to create a remote domain for your company domains that allows RTF. Basic instructions are about halfway down the page - http://www.slipstick.com/problems/outlook-is-sending-winmail-dat-attachments/ - you'll want it set to allow outlook to decide. I just don't know if godaddy allows exchange accounts to create remote domains or whether you can find someone there who will do it for you.
Also in GoDaddy's defense, their customer service has been second to none for the many years we've been with them. That being said, we still made the switch to Office 365 Exchange Online to see if we'd have the freedom to alter the settings you've referred to if needed. After switching, we were still facing the same issues and still had no way to modify their server configurations. I appreciate your help Diane, even though we weren't able to find a resolution.

So to summarize, I was on exchange and the rest of our company was on the pop account. While on exchange, I wasn't able to assign tasks to my co-workers because the outgoing server or possibly the incoming pop server was blocking the rtf attachments that come with task assignments. In addition, our accounting program wasn't able to email our customers with the pdf invoice attached through OL consistently. Some of our customers were receiving winmail.dat files.

After switching my account back to pop from exchange, all of those issues disappeared, completely.

It's a shame though. Syncing OL through exchange with my phone was flawless. We're now back to where we were last August when this first occurred. The ever present "How do I get my OL tasks to sync with Mango?" question. But that's a question for a different forum. Thanks again.</SPAN>
Are you sure about the Office 365 setting? I thought admins had pretty good control - but had to do it all with powershell, not the GUI. It's also possible that its only for the large org plan, not the $6 plan. I'll try to make time to test it - I have the cheap plan I pay for.
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