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This is a follow up to a previous request for help... Search for a thread with the title "Private messages not forwarding by rule? Outlook 2007". It was viewed several times but nobody had an answer to it...

I wound up calling Microsoft and opening a ticket on this. The answer was that it does not work, but thanks for calling Microsoft.

I could not accept this as an answer, and escalated the matter. Once again, I was told the same thing. Yes, it is a bug, we can recreate the problem, but no, we are not going to do anything about it.

I escalated further, now at tier 3 support and still cannot get satisfaction. Escalate to the manager there and he wants to commumnicate verbally, not by e-mail.

He tells me (over the phone) he does not have a manager, there is nobody in development I can talk to, the option will not be removed, and it will not work.

I am certainly free to pursue other avenues to air my frustrations, but my case is not important enough or enough people do not compain about this in order to have it addressed.

I am unhappy with the attitude I am getting from Microsoft. Clearly, I have found a bug in their software that is not documented online, and I do not carry any weight to have it recitified.

As my options are starting to run low, I am posting this on here, in hopes someone can help give me new avenues to pursue this issue.

The issue (in a nutshell) is that messages marked as Private are not being forwarded when requested. I have client side mail rules in place that do work (regular messages are in fact forwarded) however if a message is marked as private it does not work. I have created additional rules requesting private messages be forwarded yet it does not work.
the channel you followed is correct and the response they gave is basically correct - they enter the bug into their database and unless your company has a support contract, its not going to be fixed asap. even if you have a contract, it can take weeks to pinpoint the cause, fix it, and test the fix.

when they are reviewing fixes for sp or future versions, they will review this database and if the fix is either very simple or has a lot of requests, it probably won't be fixed.

I'll test it and if i can repro, i'll mention it to my support contact (too bad i didn't see this yesterday morning - i'm in seattle meeting with the guys and would have discussed his with them) - but the final answer is unlikely to change. Sorry.
Diane -

I thank you for reading it and your response.

If they were to say that it would be submitted as a bug and fixed in a sp or future update I could accept that.

What I was told (verbally of course) was that I am at the end of the road, and while I am certainly free to explore

other venues, Microsoft will not address this issue.

If the option were removed and not something a user could select, then I would have no choice but to accept it.

The fact that you can specify these actions is why I can't let go.

This is frustrating because I cannot find related cases online. Not sure if because this case is unique, most people do

not do this, or people just don't care enough to pursue this.

In any event, I do want to pursue it, and ultimately have it corrected or the option removed.

thanks again
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