Missing email accounts even though they show in my Outlook 2007 profile

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I have recently bought some new email accounts from Network Solutions and have configured them into Outlook 2007 using a software NS recommends. It seems to work fine. A check in the 'settings' tab in Outlook email shows all email accounts are there. However, in advanced settings, the 'Edit' tab will n longer work and, when I go to write a new email (that's not a reply to an incoming email), the drop down box which lets me choose which email account to use as the sender, does not show 3 out of the 6 email boxes I have in my profile. (1 new one is there, 3 aren't). 3 are missing.

I have tried numerous attempts to fix this, including deleting and reconfiguring manually through Outlook, but it does not work. Has anyone got any ideas?
I have similar problems with Outlook 2003 running on Windows 7 after using Network Solutions's recommended software to set up an IMAP acces to my e-mail.

Apparently this software sets both incoming and outgoing servers to mail.domain-name.com, instead of mail.domain-name.com and smtp.domain-name.com.

If you have any suggestion, how to fix the proble, please let me know.

Best regards, Mercator
you can change it in outlook from tools, account settings, view or change accounts... double click on the account and change the server names. The software (if its like similar software) only runs during the initial account setup and you can make changes at any time.

you can't change the software's config so everytime you use it you'll need to change the server names manaully after itsw done - or create the account manually.
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