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I exported my email from Outlook Express to Outlook 2007 as per your Article "Moving from Outlook Express to Outlook". I have 2 pop3 email accounts setup. The problem is the transfered emails in the Inbox display the correct email account in the "E-mail Account" column, but the emails in all the exported folders display the same account (only one account). I would like to be able to see which email account each email was sent to, without having to open the email and read the header.

I have about 20,000 emails organized into over 40 folders. The solution I'm trying to avoid is to move all the emails to the Inbox in Outlook Express, then export the emails to Outlook 2007, and then create the folders and reorganize all those emails.

Thanks in advance
Diane may have a better idea that uses a macro, but mine is an easy but "not perfect solution". Add a category to mail based on a To address, which you can do with a rule - try "if To or CC contains me@domain.com, add category" and use Run Rules Now. I'd do it for one account only, probably the non-default account since Outlook will reply from the default account automatically. This will miss BCC messages though as they won't have your address in the header. This way you'll know the account without opening the message.
I tweaked that macro so it changes the account name displayed in the Email Account field added to a view. You need to refresh the folder (switch to another folder then switch back) for replies to use the new account.

You can test it with one message at a time as you run it on selected messages. Once we determine if it works in the way you want it to, it could be tweaked to run on all messages in a folder or walk the folders but based on time to do that and test it, Select All, run then do the next folder might be faster, even with 40 folders.

Change the email account on received email - Slipstick Systems

If you only need to know which account sent the message, assigning categories based on the address is good.

If you need to reply from the correct account, the macro above will fix you up. I also have a macro that replies from the To account that could be helpful if you don't have time to get all the folders changed, or if you decide to use the category method.

Reply using the address a message was sent to - Slipstick Systems
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