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Hi going back to 2000 I've always created a new pst file at the start of the year and named the old pst file with the year i.e archive 2001 and as far as I was aware there were no problems however I'm now discovering that when loading an archive file a lot of calendar appointment items are missing,the emails all seem to be there though. I've viewed the current pst file alongside the archived file and scrolled to the appropriate month in case the missing appointments weren't migrated to the archive and they're missing from both files. My OS is Win8 Pro 64 bit and I'm currently using Outlook 2007

Is the way I'm generating new pst files each year the cause of the problem? Would it be better to export the calendar at the start of the year instead, any advice appreciated.:confused:
I've been syncing my mobile with Outlook for the last 5-6 years although I don't think it's causing the problem as after performing a sync I usually check to ensure that the changes are reflected in both the phone and Outlook. I don't understand why performing a sync should potentially cause a problem.
Some phones deleted appointments in outlook when they were deleted on the device - and most devices were configured to only keep the past 2 weeks to 2 months of appointments (plus upcoming appt). Blackberry sync was notorious for deleting the appt from outlook when they aged off the phone.
As far as I can see all the calendar entries this year are intact other then reoccurring appointments which for some reason are always only shown in the current calendar and never copied across to the archive. Is the way I'm generating new pst files each year the cause of the problem, or would it be better to export the calendar seperatly at the start of the new year instead?
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