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I imported about 500 ACT! tasks into outlook. They have imported as ACT phone calls. Each of them needs to be assigned to a different contact. What is the easiest way to go about this? I am dragging and dropping a task to the to do bar, opening the task, and assigning to a contact(this wouldn't be horrible, but each time I try to assign a task to a contact, outlook sits for 30 seconds before displaying my contact list of about 1000 contacts). Lastly, I delete the ACT phone call.

Any help would be appreciated.
They are in the tasks folder? If so, why are you dragging to the To-do list?

Is there anything in the task that could be picked up to automate the contact link process? Either name or email address?

My first hope - using list view with incell editing didn't work. :( The contact field is not editable in in-cell editing.

Next thought: export to excel, type the contact names and import. If the contacts name is in the record (in the same place in each record), you could use an Excel formula to pull it out. This isn't perfect - you need to open each task and re-save to create the link. If there is only one match to a contact, outlook will link it on Save but if there are other possible matches, it will pop up the choose contact dialog.

You can use partial names and if there is only one match in contacts, outlook will choose it. Basically, Matilda is enough (unless you know several Matilda's) while John is probably going to need a last name too.

Entering the email address instead of the name will match better, provided you don't have duplicate contacts.
Thanks for your help. It might be easier to bite the bullet b/c I am half way thru the list anyway...but I love the board here.
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