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i have MS Outlook 2013. i do know how to put an auto - reply message to use it when i'm out of my office or away from desk.

but i want this message to be customized, such as:

if the sender's email is: email@domain.com

i would like my auto reply to start with: dear email@domain.com ...

how can i do that?

thanks in advance for you time and help.
The out of office assistant doesn't support that. You can click Rules... and create a rule to reply with a template, but AFAIK, the OOF template can't do that - you'd need to use a macro, which would require Outlook to remain open.
i have noticed that.

where can i find such a macro?

VBa is here: run-script-rule-reply-message - you'll need to use item.sender in place of "your text" and whatever else you want. There are also samples that use templates - while not a run a script sample, this one shows how to use a template

olSelection.InsertBefore item.sender
and if i replace your text with item.sender

where shall i type my message?

and how do i define where i want my variable ( sender ID ) to be?

item.sender is the variable - it picks up the address from the original.

You can add your message in the vba -

item.sender & vbcrlf & "hi, I'm not into today. I'll take care of this tomorrow. Thanks for understanding"
This is what the reply would look like to notifications from this board -

this is my macro:

Sub ReplywithNote(Item As Outlook.MailItem)

Dim olInspector As Outlook.Inspector

Dim olDocument As Word.Document

Dim olSelection As Word.Selection

Set myReply = Item.Reply


Set olInspector = Application.ActiveInspector()

Set olDocument = olInspector.WordEditor

Set olSelection = olDocument.Application.Selection

olSelection.InsertBefore Item.Sender & vbCrLf & "hi, I'm not into today. I'll take care of this tomorrow. Thanks for understanding"

' uncomment to send

' myReply.Send

End Sub

it did not work :(
Did you create a rule for it? This line: myReply.Display displays it onscreen for testing - you'll need to uncomment the send line at the end to use it for real.

Is macro security set to low?
yep..can u please copy the whole code so I can check it? thanks
I will, but it won't be until later today, I'm not in the office and only have my iPad with me.
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