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I have a ****** e-mail address, which I manage vis Microsoft Outlook 2016 (POP3).

I want to define the name that someone would see on an incoming mail from me e.g. I would want it to display on any incoming mails (received by my contacts) as Hotel_California.

In fact, there is a secondary problem, in that when I send to a contact, it comes in as my name (e.g. John Doe) and not as ******

I need to understand where the "name" is defined i.e. in my online Outlook account or in Microsoft Outlook application.


Diane Poremsky

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Typically, the display name for pop3 and imap is set in Outlook, but some email providers will pick up the account owner's name which was set in registration and use that when you send mail, ignoring the display name set by the client. This can (usually) be changed by the account owner in the online account settings. In, you can change the name in the microsoft account - note that this will apply to all aliases on the account.

I don't recall offhand how the new does it, but if it's not using what you added in outlook when you set up the account (in File, Account settings, select pop account and click change), then you need to change it online.
Sign in to your Microsoft account

Is there a reason you are using pop3 instead of Exchange account type?


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Thanks Diane. I'm really confused. I have a small business and my e-mail address is used ONLY in connection with this. I do not use it for personal purposes. I would like my business name to appear as the "sender" when I send e-mails to clients, not my personal name.

Obviously, I cannot change my main Microsoft account name, as this is used for many other, personal purposes.

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