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I prefer to view "people" as cards, not the new 2013 format. When I change the view to cards, I subsequently encounter 3 problems: 1) when I apply the view to all contact folders and subfolders, some change to the card view and some stubbornly retain the default view; 2) on occasion, Outlook to reverts to the default view, which is very irritating since I have to reset to the card view (I haven't been able to discern a pattern of when this happens); and 3) my view preferences aren't saved, so that restarting Outlook 2013 reverts to the original view. I have this same problem viewing email, calendars, etc. Any thoughts on how to preserve my preferences for viewing?

Diane Poremsky

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1. It sounds like some have a 'one-off view' - try restarting outlook with the /cleanviews switch.

In the Start menu, search field or Windows key+R to open the Run command, type

outlook.exe /cleanviews

and press enter. Note, there is a space between outlook.exe and the /.

For more info, see

How to Reset the View on Outlook folders - Outlook Tips

cleanviews may fix the other problems as well - # 3 could indicate that outlook is not closing cleanly and is reverting to the old settings. Dop you have any addins - like sync utilities - that could be keeping outlook open?