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My Outlook 2010 has a "Task Timeline" view in Tasks, but it is not available on another workstation on our network? It is also missing "By Category", pic below.
I have looked under the Home tab-Current view and in the View tab-Change View.
Both are Outlook 2010. Has me stumped, any help appreciated, please.



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Is that the same mailbox on the Exchange server? Views should be identical on any computer the mailbox is opened on. Timeline is not a default view for tasks but you can create a custom view using the View > Change views > Mange View button.
No, mailboxes are different and two different work stations. I assume this view "Task Timeline" is not a custom view, as I do not recall creating it, it is just an Outlook view, so for this reason, I do not understand why i can not find it on this other PC? I like it and our safety dir. would like to have it. I have not created one before and I am sure I can, but just wondered if I was missing something here?
It's a custom view - at some point, possibly long ago and far away, someone created that view. If others have access to the mailbox, they could have applied a view from their own mailbox to it.
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