Send/Receive while outlook closed?

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I have this code to send email using Excel macro, it works fine abut the

message stays in outbox until i open outlook then it sends it. how i can send

receive even if outlook closed?

any help? thanks!

Sub ComposeMail(strto As String, strSubject As String, strbody As String,

strAttachment As String)

Dim objOL As Outlook.Application

Dim objX As Outlook.MailItem

Set objOL = New Outlook.Application

Set objX = objOL.CreateItem(olMailItem)

With objX

> To = strto

> Subject = strSubject

> Body = strbody

If strAttachment <> "" Then

> Attachments.Add strAttachment

End If

> BodyFormat = olFormatHTML

> Display

End With

Application.Wait (Now + TimeValue("0:00:02"))

Application.SendKeys "%s"

End Sub


This might not be the answer you're looking for, but why not just

leave Outlook open?

Old Man River

Try putting a .send at the end of your With.

How are you early binding your objOL, I try that and am informed that excel

doesn't know about the Outlook class. and have to dimension as an Object and

use CreateObject.

Old Man River

Hi. In Outlook on the Tools Menu choose Options. Click the Mail Setup tab -

is "Send immeadiately when connected" selected? Might help.


I'm interested in doing this as well, if you find/get a resolve please post it.



but you still have to open outlook in order for it to connect and send



if his situation is like mine;

I developed an Access application that has multiple users and I can

not make the assumption that all the users will have Outlook open so

when entering data on the Access data entry screen should they click

the 'Notify Manager' button I want the Noticification email to be send

in the background without user interaction and without having to

ensure that Outlook is open which so far I have NOT been able to do

using Outlook as the companies EMail client software.

So the issue is why does Outlook but the email message in it's outbox

instead of just sending it.



thats exactly what is my problem, i have searched the net for solution but

nothing yes.


I understand your (and everyone else's) concern regarding this issue,

but there is a solution: leave Outlook open. Who doesn't leave it open

all day to get meeting reminders, receive important emails from the

boss, etc anyway?

If you want to send an email without user interaction, and you must

use Outlook, try using Redemption (redemption/). Or see for other


As a workaround, use GetObject to see if Outlook is open, and if it

isn't, warn your end users (via MsgBox) that without Outlook open,

their messages will be delayed.


i used redemption, copied installed it added to reference library

i copied their example into a sub for testing

Sub redemail()

Dim SafeItem, oItem

Set SafeItem = CreateObject("Redemption.SafeMailItem") 'Create an instance of


Set oItem = Application.CreateItem(0) 'Create a new message

SafeItem.Item = oItem 'set Item property

SafeItem.Recipients.Add ""


SafeItem.Subject = "Testing Redemption"


End Sub

here is the error

run-time error '438':

Object doesn't support this property or method at this line

'Set oItem = Application.CreateItem(0) 'Create a new message

what shall i do?

any help?


You're in Excel, trying to use code written for Outlook. You need to

create an instance of Outlook.Application, then use that reference.


Dim olApp As Outlook.Application

Set olApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")

Set oItem = olApp.CreateItem(0) 'Create a new message


i have this code which worked fine but still can not send it out unless i

open outlook

i have outlook 2003

i am sooo sadddddd

Sub redmail()

Dim SafeItem, oItem

Dim objOL As Outlook.Application

Dim objX As Outlook.MailItem

Set objOL = New Outlook.Application

Set objX = objOL.CreateItem(0)

Set SafeItem = CreateObject("Redemption.SafeMailItem") 'Create an instance of

Set oItem = objOL.CreateItem(0) 'Create a new message

SafeItem.Item = oItem 'set Item property

SafeItem.Recipients.Add ""

SafeItem.Subject = "Deamdn File"



End Sub

Old Man River

Hi adma.

I was just browsing Outlook Object Model and found this

Sub SendAndReceive(showProgressDialog As Boolean)

Member of Outlook.NameSpace

Remembering your request you could try objOL.Namespace.SendAndRecieve(False)

No Guarantees as I haven't used it. (You might test Namespace to see if its

null though.)

Sue Mosher [MVP]

Another glance at the Outlook object browser would tell you why it won't

work: There is no Application.Namespace property. There is, however, an

Application.Session property that returns a Namespace object, thus:

objOL.Session.SendAndReceive(False), assuming you have a valid objOL

(Outlook.Application) object.

Sue Mosher
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