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I am repeatedly getting Outlook 2010 errors, mostly the "IMAP closed the connection", see attached. This all started with an upgrade to new processor/motherboard along with Win7 pro 64bit.

It happens any time.,before, during, after just receiving an email. Not when the machine's been idle for a while, so I do not think it's a true timeout. I am not using gmail or yahoo mail, 100% Outlook, period! although my email server is ATT/Yahoo.

What I've tried:
1. created new profile but still using old .pst but ran scanpst.exe on it and it found and fixed problems.
2. enabled download only headers-but still get full email and attachments? Why is that? it looks like I specified "only" headers. of course, I want the full email + attachments, so it's just an exercise to see what happens.
3. set timeout to 10 min

None of this changed anything except that (for now) a bunch of other errors "seem" to have stopped. Errors like: "server bug, try again", "server did not respond...", "server UID error", "UID changed". These stopped after creating a new mail profile.

Still have Outlook "not responding" on an email read or send but it snaps out of it within a minute or 2. How do I fix that? I have selected "mark items for delete, do not move..." and "purge items w hen switching folders".

I had none of these problems till I switched from POP3 to IMAP to sync with the "i" world.

I Googled the IMAP closed connection thing and found many hits but none of the "solutions" apply or work for me. Most seem to be related to use of internet mail like gmail. I do have a gmail acct linked to my Yahoo acct, but never use it nor send/receive email on it.

thanks for any help.


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No, have not found a full solution. I switched to eM Client on Diane's recommendation for my email and it's much better, but I still get a few of what I think are IMAP related errors, but they are not debilitating (ie, things usually continue to work) and the error msg has an "ignore" button. One annoying error is to the effect," can't download email, you have no internet connection". it's bogus as my internet connection is fine. Outlook may have had the same problem but with a different error cond. It will auto clear within a few min. I'm thinking the ATT/Yahoo IMAP server is just flaky and have resigned to live with it.

Some but not all of the errors with Outlook and eM Client immediately follow the PC coming out of sleep mode but doing a full shut down still did not clear all the Outlook errors.
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